Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Thin is in, and fat is ugly." That is what some women believe to be true.
Many of these women starve themselves, do countless hours of vigorous exercising, or even purge after excessive eating.
News Flash!
Men like women with curves. Why do you think so many men love ladies like
Kim's not for their fashion sense.
You ever notice how mean those super thin ladies look?
Well, that's because they're hungry.
Life's to short to count every calorie and
worry about the number on the label of the clothes I wear.
Skinniest is not prettiest.
So, let's eat!
I know all this typing has made me hungry.


  1. I can't believe anyone would find that poor skeletal girl anything but sad. I agree that women are meant to have curves. I think I'll go eat a piece of cake now.

  2. Amen to that, this girl looks ghastly sick. I'm trying to slim down a little to improve my overall health, but this is ridiculous. How can these girls possibly have any joy in their life?
    Have a great day Linda.

  3. Just be who you are, and do the best at it! Great post!

  4. I like your way of thinking!!

  5. Amen!!! You preach it sister!!!!

    This picture breaks my heart...imagine that being your child. I for one will pray for her.

  6. There is nothing pretty about that picture! This is why there are so many young people with eating disorders. They can never live up to what they see in fashion magazines. Too much attention is paid to outward appearances. It is what is on the inside that matters.

    I say enjoy life! In fact, now I am!

    Enjoy your day!


  7. She looks HORRIBLE!!! I totally agree with you!!!

    P.S. Does she get paid to look like that!!??

  8. I now agree!!!! I was never that skinny but you could see my rib cage for a long time. I now have put on 20 lbs since my husband left me.


  9. I am going to eata cookie now! Life is to short, eat dessert first! OLM

  10. I totally agree! I really need to lose some weight but never would I want to look like that. This is sad and the message that it sends to young girls and women is frightening. Thank you for the post and I feel like some fresh strawberry short cake.

    Take care,


  11. That is just plain nasty! I know we all would love to drop a few pounds but I would never in my life dream to look like her.

    Trust me, since I took sick, my Dr put me on meds that caused me to gain weight and there was nothing I could do. But there is so much hype on being bigger. I have tried everything to loose it, but it's a loosing battle. If only people could look what is on the inside instead of the out, we wouldn't have these issues.

  12. I feel sorry for the model. For her thinking is that that's the way she has to live for an income. Terrible....

  13. kind of looks like that animated character out of Avitar. One reason I am not going to see the movie...a little bit to scarry to me. I'll take pleasantly plump anyday if this is the fashion.

  14. Well said..That picture is worth a million words..Thank you for your post..The idea of beauty is so distorted in today's world..It's all based on outward appearances and labels..It's a shame..

  15. That is really pitiful...makes me want to cook for her...realizing it's a "mind" thing...sad that society often puts emphasis on a person's beauty or a size... :(

  16. OMG! Somebody give that girl a hamhock!

    I'm with you sister!
    Eat drink and be merry!


  17. She looks like a kids stick figure drawing.
    I'm going for ice cream!

  18. That's just not right. I can see her ribs. How can she be happy. If its windy out, Im afraid she'll be blown over.
    So so sad

  19. You're right and I've never heard a man say that he prefers a bag of bones!....that poor girl!


  20. That is shocking!!! and sad.

  21. Strive to be healthy and happy. That should be everyone's goal. I doubt that girl in the picture is either of these.


  22. I'm sorry but that photo is just SCARY looking! :|
    No thank you! I'll keep my fat.... makes sitting in this computer chair for hours so much more comfy!!

  23. If anyone one finds someone that skeletal thin attractive..well, then I dont know what to say..LOL....I say live life to the fullest, if ya like to eat , then eat...I know I agree with what others have commented too..

  24. OMG Skeletal Girl....her legs look like tooth picks you could pick your teeth sexy does that sound??? She needs to get to a Buffet Fast

  25. That picture makes me hungry just looking at it. I think I will go out to the kitchen and cut myself another piece of Rhubarb pie!!
    I don't know how anyone could think that is attractive......or healthy.