Thursday, May 6, 2010

Springfield Ohio Antique Show

Have any of you done or plan to do The Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market that is held at the Clark County Ohio Fairgrounds?

The show runs Friday May 14th through Sunday May 16th and I noticed that have line shopping on Thursday( which would be set up day) and early bird shopping from 7am to noon on Friday before regular shopping hours which are noon - 6pm.

That sounds like a very long day to me.

We are considering doing the show and would appreciate any info.


  1. Hi Linda..........are you thinking about going to the show or setting up as a vendor? Either way I say go for it! If you can get in as a vendor you will see crowds like you wouldn't believe. I have never seen so many people as there are at this show. Wear comfy shoes.
    I'll look for your booth if I go.

  2. Yes I am planning on doing the show, we run the Springfield Antique Show, and check out my blog at . Hope you join us next weekend.


  3. Hi Linda,

    I've never been before but I was invited to join a group of gals that have been going forever. She goes every year and raves and raves about it. I trust her opinion... she owns a prim shop of her own that I can barely stay out of. lol.

    Springfield is giagantic! I can't wait! I invited a friend of mine to go and we're taking the Dually. ;) I can fit a lot in there.


  4. I'm not but maybe I'll stop by. I don't think Springfield is too far from the Pittsburgh. Have you decided to do it? It does sound like a lot of work. I like doing those one day shows myself :) Maybe we'll see you there!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Linda,

    I have been to it one time and really enjoyed it. It was pretty big last time I was there and there were tons of great antiques and other items. Alot of walking, but worth it and only 20 minutes from me. If you decide to go then let me know. I would love to stop by and meet you. Have a wonderful weekend & Happy Mother's Day!!


  6. Happy Mothers Day, I wanted to say thank you for the inspiration, I made my first make-do chair, stop by my blog and check it out. I'm giving it to my mother inlaw for mothers day. I'll deliver it to her tomorrow