Wednesday, May 19, 2010


2. of or involving the home or family
3. enjoying or accustomed to home or family life

Today as I was cleaning and fussing over my house
a phone call I received years ago came to mind.

Phone rings,old friend I haven't spoke to in years on other end.

Found my phone number after much searching.

I was happy to hear from her, she was one of my best friends during our teen years.

After the usual chit chat of catching up and reliving days gone by,
she said to me
" you always were the domestic type".
At the time I felt a bit insulted.

She was independent and well traveled.
Out spreading her wings.

I was a young stay at home Mother with two little ones.

Today, I'm very happy to have been and to be very

Veronica Hileman I hope your still flying high

and this domestic goddess would love to talk to you again one day!


  1. Yeah,I can see where you were insulted because when people say it they tend to downplay it as if it's lower than themselves. Most people probably do not mean it like that though. I'm so very PROUD to be domestic myself.
    I sure hope you get back in touch with your friend. You both will have so many stories for one another and each one will be just as important and interesting as the other.

  2. I agree, people do downplay it like we sit around eating bon-bons while watching our soaps...I have always loved being domestic, even though I do not cook a bunch, I love to clean and decorate!
    Rock on Domestic Goddess! You have a beautiful home that is much to be proud of!

  3. I am a domesticated woman and PROUD of it..I stayed home with my girls and loved every moment of it..So glad your friend got ahold of you and hope you both keep in touch..Have a great week..

  4. Linda ~~ Thank God for all us Domestic Goddesses !! We usually wear more than our share of Hats, & Blessed Be our Busy Hands.
    Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Week-End !!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox