Thursday, February 11, 2010

Say it's over !

I know it's February and that means winter for the most part is over...right ?
I mean how long can this crappy weather hang on?
I'm trying to remember the last time we had a winter like this.
I can't recall.
Could it be menopause blurring my memory or is it that we just have a way of forgetting the bad ?
Once something good happens all the crap seems a little less crappy.....gees, I never knew I had such a way with words.
I put things so eloquently at times ( sigh).
A few 70 degree days will make this winter all but a vague memory.
Until then I guess we can do even more indoors.
Dust...I think I saw a speck.
Bake... My jeans aren't tight enough just yet!
Pop more popcorn and play a couple more games of 500...
that's about the only card game I know except War.
We could clean the closets...AGAIN!! There will be no excuses for a dirty closed this spring!
I need to try to make it to the mall between snow storms to purchase some new sweats and fuzzy slippers, mine are about worn out because I've spent so much time in them.
Oh, why bother trying to go out, I can just order them on line.
Well , I guess I should get up and walk around for a few minutes to get my exercise in for the day.....
then have a cookie for all my hard work ! They're heart shaped with pink icing.
Think Spring!


  1. I am with you !!! I am so tired of this white stuff !!! Bring on Spring !!!


  2. I think you have what is commonly known as Cabin Fever! Take a couple of days in the sunshine, an afternoon out of the house, a nice lunch at your favorite bistro and call me when Winter is over.


  3. Here in mid Georgia we MIGHT just get some white stuff tomorrow and tomorrow night..YEAH!!..WE haven't seen any in 8 years except on tv...We're so excited with anticipation!!~~hugs,Jen

  4. Linda~ I hear ya! I am so tired of this weather. Spring can not get here fast enough for me. You know what would cheer both of us up??? Holding the Country Sampler Home Tour Edition in our hands and looking at pictures of our houses. I know that would perk me up. How about you! Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it! ~Dan~

  5. I can only echo some of the things you bad memories replaced with good ones. That reminds me of women who complain of the pain of childbirth but the overwhelming after joy makes them forget i guess? wish you luck when you go shopping for fuzzy slippers. Be sure to let me know if you find some interesting ones and feel free to send me a pic so i can add it to my slipper blog. cheers! Cool topic.

  6. I firmly believe heart shaped cookies w/ pink frosting are good for the soul!!! Go ahead and have 2!!! :O)

    Keep dreaming of 70*'s!!

  7. You know...if you hold a cookie in each hand...YOU CAN CALL IT A WELL BALANCED DIET!!!!...hehehehehehehehe

  8. Yes! By all means...bring on Spring!


  9. Linda ~~ You made me laugh out loud, so did Char's comment. Your cookies sound devine.
    And may Spring come Soon to you.
    Happy Valentine'd Day !! ♥
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  10. I'm ready for some warm weather myself! Can't wait til' spring! I love your new chair!

  11. You are a hoot! I had a good laugh over what all you said.

    I love Waynesburg and was just there last summer, or was it last fall, who can remember? This winter is so long, it seems like ages ago. My memory is getting fuzzy too anymore. LOL

    Have a great Val. Day! and eat a cookie for me! ha

    Tanya ~ new blogger

  12. Ah yes! Finally someone found the right word to describe this weather! CRAPPY! It wa 39 degrees here on the Central Florida coast this morning. Go figure.
    Nice to find you.

  13. Ha ha Linda! Your post gave me a good laugh. I've got the same thing going on over here...cookies popcorn, ordering online and unfortunately the tight jeans ~ please say its over! I want flowers and warm weather. Instead another 6 - 10" of snow is coming today. Hopefully we will forget all this "crap" in a few months while basking in the warm sunshine.
    Smiles ~ Jenn

  14. It sure seems like it's been a rough winter for so much of the country. We've had a mild one, but I think we're the exception. We have had much more rain than normal though. I hope you get some 70 degree days soon :-)

  15. Being from New Hampshire, this winter has been cold and snowy. I still love it though - nothing prettier than freshly fallen snow. We are getting more today as a matter of fact. I love the changing seasons and it seems like they come around just when I need them. The days are getting longer and brighter, so spring is in the air.