Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's the climb....

I've finally received my long awaited copy of
Country Samplers 2010 Home Tour.

Why have I been so anxious?

Well, as many of you know my home is in the issue and my friend Sandy's home is too.

Sandy got her copy first. After checking my mail and not finding my copy I high tailed it to Sandy's house to take a gander.

Aw, the surreal life!

How strange, seeing ones home in print in a magazine I've been ogling for years.

I must say it is!

I'm getting off title.

Why the climb?

Isn't that what life is about?

I know it is for me.

To quote a line or two from Billy Ray's baby Miley's big hit...

" Ain't about how fast I get there"

" Ain't about what's waiting on the other side "

" It's the climb"
Below is a post some of you may have already read. It was posted on my web site back in June of 2009, the day after my Country Sampler shoot.
I thought I would re-post it here on blogger,
it's about the climb....
my favorite part of my Country Sampler experience!

Well, all the lights and cameras that for a brief time filled the rooms of my home along with all the worries and frazzled nerves, are but a memory.
The photographers arrived in Waynesburg early Monday morning, Sandy's house was first.
I had to go meet them, put faces to the voices I had heard on the phone over the course of several months.
I had no idea what to expect. .....
Would I see a fancy car sporting a Country Sampler logo on it's side parked in Sandy's drive filled with props?
I headed east on Lisbon Street.
As Sandy's drive comes in to view I see a simple red SUV, Virginia plates,random letters...letters I later learn are the first initials of each of the Schmidt's pets.
No logo. Props, only a few.
I go inside and meet Esther and Franklin Schmidt, two of the sweetest, down to earth, humble, and the most intelligent people I have met to date.
I hung around to watch one room be shot.
To get an idea of what my future would hold and how much "staging'' would be done.
I quickly learned it wasn't about "staging" but about making a room work in order to get the shot.
Getting just one shot right could take almost an hour.
I wish I could have stayed and watched the Reynolds entire shoot, but I had to head home and....
I woke early the morning of my shot and decided to make nuts rolls and a pot of coffee for the Schmidt's.
I had told myself and others that I wasn't cooking.
To much work.
How do you pick a food everyone likes?
So much for talk.
Anyway, time to get myself ready.
Let's back up a minute,back to my arrival at Sandy's house and seeing her dressed in.....
Gray top, white capri's.
You see, that is exactly what I had picked out and set aside to wear the day of my shoot.
So, there I stand in front of my closet, with that age old question , what to wear? Nothing would do, but.....
Gray top, white capri's!
The Schmidt's arrived at my house around 9:30 am, unloaded, and went right to work.
My kitchen was first. the only props used in my home were a
a few simple flowers, some of those coming from my flower beds, and the rolls I made. Props first, snack later!
I was right there watching, helping and commenting on each shot being taken. Control freak? Yeah.
The photographs that Franklin captured were breathtaking. Shot from angles with lighting casting beautiful shadows that created a calm stillness.
Work of a true artist.
There was only one shot that I wasn't completely happy with; it was my bed room. Yet, it is still a wonderful shot.
There was a sampler I had hanging over my bed that looked wrong through the cameras eye. We had to find a replacement.
The day had been long and we were all tried, so we settled on a wreath.
I could have found something more primitive.
The shoot had come to an end, time to pack away all the equipment, and say our good byes.
As I sit here and reflect on this journey that started with a simple e-mail from a sweet lady introducing herself,telling me she had discovered photos of my home while web surfing and asking if she could send photos of my home to the editor of Country Sampler and ending with hugs, kind words, tears and new friendships. I wouldn't change a thing...............
Even that darn wreath!


  1. I haven't been able to find this edition yet, but I am on the hunt. I am looking forward to seeing your lovely home.

  2. Now I am even more excited to get my copy!! I think I will put on a gray shirt , white capris and drool. I am sure the wreath looks great!

  3. I'm so happy it turned out so well for you and I can't wait till it hits the stands so that I can see it!


  4. Oh, I can't wait to see this Home Edition!...You are right though...IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CLIMB!...hahahahahaha....even though it is thrilling to have reached the "top" of the was always more exciting doing the "climb"!

  5. Linda~ I am so happy that you finally got your issue. I told you you would like it! I agree with you completely, it is strange seeing your own house in a magazine. I really enjoyed hearing about your shoot day. It brought back so many memories. I hope you and Sandy are going to have a big party for yourselves. I am so glad that you got to share this experience together. ~Dan~

  6. I got my copy and love it! All the homes are awesome! What a nice experience for you to have your home in that wonderful magazine.

  7. I ordered my copy on Friday!..I HAD to have it because your home is in it!!!...Can't wait to get it!!..And I know what you mean about being anxious...I'm getting that way also...My home will be in the next issue...Enjoy the whole experience, my friend!!!!~~hugs,Jen

  8. Linda,

    You home looks absolutely fabulous in CS Home Tours. It seems so peaceful.I studied every corner, and am inspired to get going on some projects we've been putting off. The wreath above your bed? I love it!

  9. Hi Linda...I am so excited about your home being featured!! I love your blog and picturetrail. I can't wait to get my copy! Hope to see you at Malabar this September! Maybe we'll be neighbors again!!

  10. Your home looks wonderful in CS!! Just amazing!!!

  11. I know of others here in Ohio that have gotten their cpoy of Country Sampler Home Tours...sure wish mine would get here!! I can't wait to see everyone's homes.

  12. Oh I can't wait to see it!! I am on the hunt for a bloodhound!!

    Congratulations on such a well deserved honor!!

    It came on Saturday and I haven't had a chance to look through it...but I sure will when I'm done here.
    I love your post and how you described it...ours was in last March and we went through the same thing - I was taken back a whole year! THANKS


  14. Linda ~~ Still waiting for my copy...cant wait to see it. So happy to hear you are pleased, Im sure it looks amazing. And your so right, its all about the Climb. Hugs ~ Connie xox

  15. Linda,

    Congrats of the photo shoot. Very exciting!! It is always surprising to me how the pictures turn out. When I looked at the photos of my house after it was shoot the first thing I thought is "Is that really my room or house." It looks different to see it in picture form than just looking at the room. You should be very proud. It looks great!

    Congrats again,


  16. Linda,
    What a treat it was to read this post. Have always wondered how a photo shoot like yours actually transpires. Loved the pictures. You've created a wonderful home and it's so nice to see your efforts rewarded in a way that all of us can share in.

  17. I really need to find a copy... IT looks wonderful.

    Hey I just noticed you are open Sundays... I might be over to find you on Sunday. Steve asked me what I wanted to do. LOL. I just figured out how to get to Waynesburg.