Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Getting Excited !

I just got the March issue of Country Sampler
and on page four just below the " Editor's Letter"
is an ad announcing Country Sampler's 2010 Home Tour Edition .
It hits the news stands the first week of March!
I'm so excited, I can't wait!
Sometimes it seems like only yesterday and other days like a lifetime
since that day in June 2009, the day
Country Sampler sent Franklin and Esther Schmidt to photograph my home.
I remember asking " what issue will my home be in ? "....
" Most likely in the spring of 2010, around March, the home tour issue, but subject to change"...
Being the impatient sort that I am, they might as well have told me the spring of 2020!
I thought the day would never come but,
it's almost here and it is such an honor to
share my home with the world ,
a home that I hope reflects my passion for decorating.


  1. Congratulations, Linda!

    I have loved seeing your home here on your blog and through other places, so I'm really looking forward to seeing it all in print.

    you must be so very happy!
    I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Linda....I am so glad that you posted this info.
    I will be sure and look for the magazine.
    How exciting for you.

  3. congratulations on being in the magazine. I am new to following your blog and didn't know. I will look for it on the newstand.
    It is also nice to know that someone considers January a month to issue a "Spring" magazine.It is almost like January is "Spring".:)

  4. Oh now I am excited! I can't wait to see all your home pics in print! The home tours edition is my favorite!

  5. I can't wait either, I know it will be "primtastic".


  6. Oh my gosh!! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to peep too!!! :O) Enjoy the fame my dear!! LOL!!!


  7. Oh wow! ...I'm soooo looking forward to seeig it!

  8. I can't wait!!!! :)

  9. congrats, i too am looking forward to this girlfriend sue's home is going to be in it...i ordered a bunch of this issue for my shop....and now with your wonderful home in will be one of their best issue ever...

  10. Getting so excited about the CS Home Tours. Your home will make it a "best seller",I am sure. You have an awesome home and so deserve to have it featured in "our" favorite magazine. Love, love, love your new paint job. I used that color in several of my rooms and it is wonderful to work with...looks so prim-perfect. You are going to want to paint more now.....oh well, thats life for us prim girls.
    Enjoy your week-end. Sherrie

  11. I can't wait to see it!!!~~hugs,Jen

  12. I remember that wait. And then everyone was getting their issues and neither my subscription issue or free issues came for WEEKS after others had theirs! I finally went to a book store to look at a copy and read the article because I was so tired of waiting. I hope your wait is much shorter!!

  13. Congratulations!! How exciting! I will make sure to look out for it now that I know you will be in it.☺

  14. Oh Linda ~~ Congratulations, Im so excited for you ...cant wait to see your home in print and
    read your story. Hugs ~ Connie xox