Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Fresh Start....

...to a new year
and a few changes.
The mild start we had to the
winter is is over and Old Man Winter has finally reared his ugly head.
I'm not a big fan of winter weather. The snow is beautiful , but I hate driving in it.
So, I spend a lot of time indoors once the snow flies and that gives me lots of time to
work on the house. I've been thinking of painting.
Right now all the walls in the house are a color called Cafe Latte.
(I know they look white in pictures)
I'm thinking of going dark! Maybe something in the gray/brown family.
What do you think?
Here are a few shots of some of the changes I've made.


  1. Linda,

    Your home is gorgeous! Love, love, love your decorating! Have you ever been featured in Country Sampler? If not, you need to be!

    You mentioned a gray/brown color for your walls. I'm a fan of color (for me anyway), and since you asked, I thought I'd tell you about the color in my kitchen called bittersweet (it's in that color range). I love it. It came from Lowe's. I think it was the Eddie Bauer collection, if I remember correctly.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!


  2. I can't wait to see the changes you make...I love dark colors...All the colors in my house are white, but the gathering room...It is a darker brown and it makes it so cozy in here with the rooms being an open floor plan...I'm thinking about stenciling this new year since I painted the whole house this time last year...~~hugs,Jen

  3. Love, love, love your home! I too am getting ready to change wall colors, so I am looking forward to seeing what you choose. I have the bedroom color selected, now just need to make a decision on the living room.

  4. Being 'forced' inside does make us want to make some changes doesn't it? I love yours!!

  5. Love the pieces you have!! And the way you have them displayed!! Great eye candy! I have a few rooms begging for paint this year as well!

  6. what a wonderful home~love all of it! thanks for sharing!

  7. I love this house....It is amazing.

  8. Hi Linda, Ohhh your house is just beautiful!! You've got some lovely primitives and they are placed in just the right spot, it should be in a magazine! Thanks for sharing your home.

    My favorite gray-brown is called Pelham Gray...its available in light, medium and dark shades. I have it everywhere in my house. It's a Williamsburg Authentic paint color by Pratt and Lambert but I think Lowes can match it up.

    Love, love, love all your beautiful pictures on your blog ~ very inspiring!!

    Enjoy your day ~ Jenn

  9. Wow! What a gorgeous home! You look magazine ready for sure! Keep sending us pictures...we love them!


  10. Wow! What a gorgeous home! You look magazine ready for sure! Keep sending us pictures..we love them!


  11. Linda......love all the pieces that you showed in this post. My mind is twirling right now with plans of change too. Keep posting pictures for inspiration!