Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall is in the air and a busy week ahead...

Fall is in the air this weekend here in Ohio.
It's time to pull out the sweats and
curl up with a cup of something warm.
Crazy as it may sound, I love a cloudy warm fall day.
There's just something cozy about that type of day.
I'm in the mood to decorate outdoors.
I hope I can get a little more decorating done outside, but....

I have such a busy week ahead...
There's a trip to Cleveland Clinic...
I have to take my Father for his check up...
I'm taking my Mother for a consolation with an attorney,
she contemplating a lawsuit...
There's a trip to the dermatologist....
A meeting with the parade committee....

I'm getting tired just thinking about all that running!
I'm not sure I'll get much decorating accomplished.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It all started in 1971....

That's when I met my neighbors nephew,
the boy who would one day become my husband.
We married on this day, 33 years ago.
I still wear the thirty dollar wedding band he bought me,
it's a ring no diamond can replace.
Here we are at 15...look at the 70's hair!

Here we are today, at the ripe old age of 50
( Photo courtesy of Franklin Schmidt,Country Sampler)

We've been through a lot and our love has only grown stronger.

" What God has joined together,
let no man put asunder."

Happy Anniversary Kenny, I love you

Monday, September 21, 2009

Our first show...

Well,we did our first show.
The "In The Spirit Of Friends "show was
Saturday, and what a beautiful day it was.
The above picture is of our booth.
As you can see from the picture below you couldn't ask for a better setting,
Malabar Farm is beautiful.
We had a great time, met a lot of wonderful people
and we're looking forward to
next year which promises to be an even better show!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Be It Ever So Humble....

During recent interviews with Leslie Mann for Country Sampler
and Juday Condon, I was ask about my childhood home.
They both questioned me as to the type of house I grew up in.

Well, I spent most of my childhood living in a Salt Box style home.

Thing is it was never appreciated for it's beauty.
We had no idea the homes style even had a name, nor did we care .

It was the old house in the neighborhood.
An area that was once thrived.

Everything you needed within a block or two.
Grocery stores, dry cleaners, plant nursery, auto parts, furniture stores,
schools ,candy and ice cream manufactures, beauty salons ....
I could go on.

Homes and apartments everywhere, filled with my friends.

Yesterday, I along with my parents took a drive to the old neighborhood,
I wanted to take a picture of our old house.

Oh, so many memories

Built in 1875 this is how the home looks today.

It's one of the last homes still standing.
All the businesses long gone, schools closed.
It made me so sad, to see how everything had changed.

My family lived in the house from the late 60's through the early 90's.

When we lived in the home, it sill had it's original slate roof,
and the old fashioned shake style siding.

My Dad tells me there are logs under that siding,
and I don't doubt it.
There was no attic and it had a stone foundation and the basement
floors were dirt.

You enter the basement through a trap door in the kitchen floor.
I remember as a child always trying to avoid the area for fear that
trap door might cave in.
There was no furnace, only three small free standing gas heaters.
Only about two feet of counter space, how my Mother made do
for all those years I'll never know.
One small bathroom, just big enough for the necessities.
Now that I'm aware of what a treasure the house is I wish I could rescue it...
move it to a final resting place,restore it to it's original glory,
before it too becomes a causality of changing times.
There's No Place Like Home....
even when it's no longer yours!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No time to bake?

Butter N' Flour is now taking orders for...
school bake birthday name it!
check web site for pricing.
My Grandson Ethan arriving for his first of second grade...
to say he's not fond of school would be an understatement...
in his own words...
" I'd rather go to The Cleveland Clinic and have my other leg operated
on then go to school'....
He's as bright as they come....has always gotten good grades....
but hates school!

Can you tell from the look on his face he's not exactly happy to be there?
I hope it gets better.
I never liked school.... Well, art class was ok....
I hope he's not a chip off the old block !

Starting School....

Granddaughter Katie's ready for her first day of kindergarten.... filled with nervous anticipation.....
she patiently waits for the bus...that never came....

just dropped off at home...after long bus ride.....
judging by the look on her face I'd venture to say she's not looking forward to day two!

Fall Has Arrived At The Keepingroom!

Boo! This Jack-o-lantern is craved from a real gourd.

Cute little pumpkin men
Goat cart filled with white pumpkins and berry vine

Primitive Halloween Cat in bucket