Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree....

As I sit here in my cozy sweats and my fuzzy slippers
with my new kitty Rodger curled up on my lap and purring softy,
I can barely resist the urge to go up to my attic and bring down one of my
Christmas Trees . Yes, I said one of...
There's a small Forest up there,
different shapes, styles and sizes.
I usually have a tree in every room
of the house.
Has anyone else been
feeling like this?
Maybe it's been the mild summer we've had.
It felt like fall for most of the summer and though fall
is my favorite season I think I've had my fill.

Don't be surprise if you see Christmas come early
around my house.
Jingle bells....Chestnuts la la


  1. I love Fall...And it hasn't arrived yet here!..But since I've been working on Christmas items it makes me want to just skip on to Christmas also!!!..I'm glad it's not just me,but I will hold off on my trees a little while...ha!ha!..I can't wait to see yours!!!!...When I checked outside today the heat has come back to the mid 80's after our first two days of Fall temps on Monday and Tuesday..UGH!!...I want to dress in sweats and fuzzy slippers!!!enjoy your day!!!~~hugs,Jen

  2. Hi Linda!! I know exactly what you mean....don't tell anyone but I've already been listening to Christmas music! I'll be heading to Ohio this weekend to the Christmas in the Woods show also. You live in a great state! Thanks for visiting me. Warm hugs ~ Jenn

  3. Linda,
    I feel the same way. I've been working on Christmas prims & have some new baskets coming out after my vacation & then watch out ~ the first tree will go up, LOL. We had a terrible summer & a wet & cold fall so I'm ready.

  4. Love it!!!! I've been listening to Christmas music and my husband keeps teasing me,saying that pretty soon Christmas will just be year around here, because every year I put up our decorations earlier and leave them up later.

  5. nooooooooo christmas trees yet for us here in east tx! ha! it's a hot, muggy, fall day here! ;)

    but, then again i DO loooooove christmas...just visited a year round christmas shop the other day! i can always turn my AC way down and pretend it's cold outside, right?

    de @