Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good morning blogging buddies!
It's a wet raw day here in Ohio,temps are in the upper 30's
this morning.
I snapped the picture below this morning, as you can see it's rather dark and dreary around here.

I'm going to freeze when I get to the shop to open.
The heats been off all week!
I wish I would have gotten up earlier and walked over and turned it on.
My shops only a few feet from my home, I guess I'm feeling lazy today.
Well buds I need to get motivated.
Hope you all have blessed day!


  1. hOPE LOTS OF CUSTOMERS AND FRIENDS BRING YOU LOTS OF SUNSHINE TODAY!! wISH i WAS CLOSER...I would be there when the doors opened! Have a good day! Sherrie from S.C.

  2. Soup day or a cup of hot coffee and a few of those yummy baked goods!!

    When are you gettin' a horse for that buggy? LOL


  3. Oh,Linda.....I sure do like that buggy in your picture. Even being a dreary day it looks so

  4. I LOVE your header picture. So simple--looks great. I am with you on this weather we are having in Ohio. It is supposed to be in the low 60s a couple of days next week!! Yeah!!
    Take care.

  5. That picture is just perfect!!

    It was cold and dreary here too - good time for a cup of hot mulled cider!!

  6. What a beautiful's been cold and dark here in Vermont lately too...cold day today but very sunny. Enjoy your day, Doreen