Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Going neutral....
Over the past sevral years I've found myself
leaning toward a more netural pallet.
I didn't plan it, it just seemed to evolve on it's own.
The room pictured is my computer room.
I just redid the room , I love how calm it is now.
It was one of two rooms in my home that still sported my old color pallet
of dark reds, greens, and blue.
Don't get me wrong, I still love those colors.
As a matter of fact,they still live happily in our TV room.
The only room in the house that is still colorful.

There are still touches of blue gray here and there in quilts and a few antique pieces....other than that it's neutral!


  1. Your room is beautiful. So relaxing. Great job.


  2. I love the neutral... makes you want to chill out there.


  3. I love it - so pretty

  4. I still love my colors like the colonists did, but I love a soothing calm neutral room like this as well. So peaceful!!

  5. I love neutral too...looks beautiful!

  6. I love it!!...I don't like alot of color in my home either...Just calm colors...

  7. oh I love that room! I would love even more to be able to have light colored chairs! I have 3 boys, and white would not make it a day in my house! Looks so cool and calm- but light a few candles and it would make it warm and comfy!