Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not Sure I Like It .....

A friend told me that she saw a couple pictures from my web site on some one's blog spot.
I went there, and sure enough there they were. Somebody had copied a picture of my keeping room and my friend Carol's dinning room.
Crazy as it may sound I feel a bit violated. Comments made on my keeping room were some what critical.
Seems they don't like my" bench", it's actually a church pew from the early 1800's.
I guess when I post a photo I don't consider the fact it can be copied, used by other's and dissected!


  1. Sadly there have been a lot of people stealing pictures. I personally believe we should name the ones doing it if it happens to us. It is really too bad they have nothing better to do!!

  2. I agree with Linda...
    The worst part is, there isn't a stinkin thing we can do about it either.

  3. There is a way you can post your pictures where people can not right click and copy... My hubby is the computer guy, I'll ask him how to do it and get back with ya!
    Who Hasn't Started Her Own Prim Blog Yet, But LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES drooling all over everyone elses!

  4. Deanna....
    I would love that info.
    Thank's so much for offering!
    Get that Prim blog going, it's a lot of fun.